Verdugo Counseling Center

Transforming Conflict into an Opportunity for Change



thumb1This is the most common type of treatment.  Verdugo Counseling Center is committed to providing individuals with a safe environment and caring professionals to address their personal issues. Our therapists will help clients to identify and focus on specific goals while at the same time understanding the thoughts and feelings that create negative self-esteem. Individual Therapy will support the client in further developing their skills to build an emotionally healthier life.



thumb2Couples therapy helps couples learn to understand and work through conflicts to strengthen their relationships.  Our clinicians help couples develop the skills to improve their communication with one another, negotiate differences, problem solve and argue in a more effective way.  Anger, infidelity, sex, finances, communication problems can contribute to distress in intimate relationships.  Couples counseling can reconcile points of disagreement, and foster a more satisfying relationship.



thumb3A family’s pattern of interaction may negatively impact an individual, child, or adolescent and therefore may need to be part of the therapy.  Verdugo Counseling Center clinicians recognize that the treatment plan is not just about the person, but also the set of relationships in which the individual is involved.  Therefore, family therapy can be quite effective in helping the client in the context of their family.



thumb4Verdugo Counseling Center can provide parents the developmental education and guidance needed to manage their child’s emotional and behavioral concerns.  Our clinical staff work closely with the parent unit to set realistic short/long term goals and guide parent(s) in managing their everyday challenges.